Rob Vlock


Rob loves books. Whether writing or reading them, he brings passion and professionalism to every project.

While novels are his first love, Rob is equally dedicated to pouring his heart into narrating non-fiction books of every description.

Rob’s Top Genres
FICTION—Middle-Grade; Classics; Contemporary Drama; Mystery; Detective Noir; Romance.
NON-FICTION—Humor; Science; True Crime; History.

Reach out to Rob

Non-Fiction: Journalism
Fiction: Rom-Com
Fiction: Romance
Nonfiction: Memoir [German Accent]
Fiction: Classics
tree tunnel at daytime
Middle-Grade: Fantasy
microscopic shot of a virus
Non-Fiction: Science
group of police officer and investigators work at crime scene
Non-Fiction: True Crime
light inside library
Fiction: Contemporary
yellow bokeh photo
Non-Fiction: Humor
blue skies
Non-Fiction: Self-Help/Parenting


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